Quirky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Quirky voice for your voice over project.

So you have a film scrip or an action plot for an ad that involves a character or characters that are a bit left-of-center or simply are considered eccentric. In that case, using a quirky voice is something you'll have to look for.

Info for Quirky voice Voice-overs

There are many ways to define an eccentric character, but when you say that somebody is quirky, you are certainly giving your description a positive slant. It can describe somebody's general demeanor, or just his sense of humor. But, whenever you want to represent such a character, or the message or text contains elements of quirkiness, you would need an adequately quirky voice to represent it to make it believable.

When can you use an Quirky voice Voice-over?

Any audience can relate to a certain does of eccentricity, and particularly quirky humor. Feature film audiences are usually the main targets of a quirky voice, but then, any audience will react positivelly to a certain dose of a quirky humour, it can be a movie trailer, a new book or music album that contain a certain does of humor that will make its audiences react positively to a quirky voice. This is particularly true of teenage and young adult audiences, which always positively react to quirky humor.

What makes the perfect Quirky voice?

A quirky voice can vary both in its tone and pace. It can go from very high to very low, from ver fast-paced, to extremely slow. A typical voice that is considered quirky is that of actor Pee-wee Herman, who used a variable pitch and pace in his films and TV series.