Radio Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Radio voice for your voice over project.

It’s loud, and there’s often a catch phrase in their somewhere. When they say someone has a radio voice, they means their voice can people’s attention.

Info for Radio voice Voice-overs

If you have listened to a good radio host, then you know how captivating the radio voice can be. This voice is as interesting as it is dynamic. A little deep, very lively to the point of sounding animated, and with an equally large presence; it’s hard to go wrong with the radio voice. It will get the listeners to stop and listen, the rest is up to your script.

When can you use an Radio voice Voice-over?

A radio voice is used by radio personalities to keep listeners entertained. This voice is hype and strong, its presence is undeniable. Djs use this voice to hype the crowd, and commercials use it to ‘shock’ the listener into paying attention.

What makes the perfect Radio voice?

Good content alone is not enough to keep the audience hooked; great radio hosts know this. The radio voice comes in to help create a persona that the audience can’t help but fall in love with. This voice has rhythm and a wide vocal range and has a unique personality. A radio voice is easy on the ear.

Other info for Radio voice Voice-overs

To get the perfect radio voice, ensure you use the right equipment and set it up right as well. Get a sound engineer if you have to, but don’t take chances because bad equipment can distort a perfectly good radio voice. You should also have good content. In as much as radio voice can be about vocal characteristics, a great radio voice should have a personality the audience can fall in love with.