Raspy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Raspy voice for your voice over project.

It’s a little bit hoarse, a little bit breathy, and you will instantly recognize it when you hear it. The raspy voice; rough but attractive still.

Info for Raspy voice Voice-overs

This voice sounds strained, like the speaker is fighting a sore throat. Vocal roughness is a Southern thing, and it makes their speech sound unique and authoritative.

When can you use an Raspy voice Voice-over?

A raspy voice has a deepness to it that makes it sound authoritative and attention grabbing. This voice can be suitable for animation or audio books. It would represent that mysterious character who is always sitting alone in a bar with a glass of whiskey and a cigar. A raspy voice is rugged and ballsy _ the kind of voice you would hear in a liquor commercial, or automotive spot advertising cars with a tough exterior.

What makes the perfect Raspy voice?

Raspy voices have a low pitch and volume, and they can be done by both male and female voice actors. In women, raspy voices can have a high-pitched but breathy quality that is considered attractive. And since a raspy voice has a low pitch, speakers need to clearly enunciate their words so they can be heard.

Other info for Raspy voice Voice-overs

It can represent a character whose vocal chords are giving into the effects of smoking. Singers who overuse their vocal chords also end up with raspy voices. When it occurs naturally, the strained and scratchy nature of this voice sounds enticing and very engaging. Famous artists who have a raspy voice include Louis Armstrong and Bon Jovi.