Reflective Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Reflective voice for your voice over project.

A reflective voice is an expression of someone being in deep thought. You cannot pull off a reflective voice if you’re not actually reflecting on something.

Being reflective should be deliberate for you to establish a connection with your audience.

Ideally, these are the type of voice-overs that you should record on your own even though you could always hire a professional actor who’ll successfully express your thoughts and feelings.

Info for Reflective voice Voice-overs

When you’re reflecting, you think about how you’ve behaved and then make a deduction from your analysis. Reflections should be brutally honest because it’s not a time to be defensive. It is taking off your mask and letting your audience see you for who you are. It is also accepting when you are wrong and being intentional about acting better next time.

When can you use an Reflective voice Voice-over?

A reflect voice is perfect for a public apology because it dignifies your audience. It also communicates that you value your audience, and you know that you owe them the truth.

As a public figure, you should use a reflective voice to re-establish a relationship with your audience after an event that tarnished your reputation. The audience needs to hear you carefully analyze the facts to validate their feelings. Denying might work, but being reflective allows you to humanize your brand.

What makes the perfect Reflective voice?

Reflective voice-overs should be vulnerable and honest. Candor is the key to pulling off a genuinely reflective voice. A reflective voice is like telling your audience, “come, let’s reason together.”