Relaxing Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Relaxing voice for your voice over project.

You know the expression, they could read the dictionary and you'd listen? That's the relaxing voice. It honestly doesn't mattter what they're saying; you just want to listen.

Info for Relaxing voice Voice-overs

The relaxing voice is the one bedtime stories and meditation audios are made from. With soothing tones and gentle speech, the relaxing voice can lure anyone into a relaxing space and finding calm. Think about your yoga instructor at the end of your practice or the voices of the Calm app. These are the relaxing voices.

When can you use an Relaxing voice Voice-over?

Lately, we have seen more and more need for relaxing voices. With more people at home and more finding themselves stressed out, a relaxing audio can be the perfect remedy. Whether it's the voiceover for a home yoga video series or a meditation app, or maybe someone reading bedtime stories to children over audio, there are a lot of perfect places for a relaxing voice. Also, the rise of calming, sleep, and mediation apps is perfect for the relaxing voice. This voice can lull anyone to sleep and reduce that stress level.

What makes the perfect Relaxing voice?

A relaxing voice is like a silk sheet placed over you or a cozy sweater when you're chilly. It is quiet, soothing, maybe a little whispery. Think Harry Styles in the Calm app with his slow, methodical, gentle speech. Bob Ross had one of the most relaxing voices as he painted his serene landscapes. The tones are even and soothing, the pace is slow and consistent. There's a connection felt betwen the listener and the speaker, as if they are speaking only to you.

Other info for Relaxing voice Voice-overs

Some people enjoy the whispery ASMR voices for relaxation, while others don't like to go quite this far. The key is quiet, soothing, and even. Enjoy...