Retail Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Retail voice for your voice over project.

Some say that people will shy away from voice that is trying to sell them something. But what about the situation when they want or need to buy something? Sure, they can listen to other consumers, but what if they don't really know ehat the other customers are talking about? That exactly might be the time to engage a retail voice.

Info for Retail voice Voice-overs

Everybody needs to buy something at some point. How do you really inform yourself about any given product? IN most cases, you would resort to a sales person, that is supposed to know the product or products inside out, that will make it possible for you to make your mind up by yourself. Of course, sales persons have a certain manner of speaking, they are trying to sell you something after all. Their voice characteristics, and particularly the manner of speaking can be considered as a retail voice.

When can you use an Retail voice Voice-over?

Everybody is a customer for any type of a product and practically everybody can be the audience for a retail voice. This is particularly true of customers that yet have to make up their minds about their choices. People who have already made up their mind about their choice(s) or are not in the market for a certain product might shy away from a retail voice. But those that are actively looking at possibilities, or just might have an open (shopping mind) will often want to hear what a retailer has to say about a certain product.

What makes the perfect Retail voice?

It is thought that a retail voice usually speaks fast as to save time and cram as much information in a short period of time, but that essentially does not have to be true. A listeners of a retail voice, want to hear a friendly, personal tone, as if the retailer is paying attention only to them. At the same time, the tone and pitch of the voice may differ from tech products and vehicles to personal care and fashion, but friendlienss, personal touch and courtesy always remain.