Retro Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Retro voice for your voice over project.

A retro voice takes us back to another time, another era. Its rich tones and slower speech add a bygone feel to your work. The subtle differences here make us wonder why this retro voice sounds so different, so effective.

Info for Retro voice Voice-overs

Sometimes we need a voice to take us back in time. Maybe it's the character in your audiobook or a flashback scene, but the voice is like a vintage dress or hat, completing the retro vibe in a subtle, yet distinctive way.

When can you use an Retro voice Voice-over?

An audience who is wanting something from the past, whether it's a song, a character, or an old memory is who will love the retro vibe you add to your voiceover. This voice is ideal for an audiobook when you want to convey a certain setting. It can take the listener to another time, all with subtle nuances to the voice.

What makes the perfect Retro voice?

We often wonder what makes that voice sound retro. When we hear old movies, we know there's something different in the way the characters speak, but can't put our fingers on it. The retro voice is a bit more refined, richer, and fuller than voices of today. There's less lilt and more body. There's a slow, thoughtful characterization to the speech, as if the speaker has all the time in the world. There's something romantic and nostalgic in the way the retro speaker talks.

Other info for Retro voice Voice-overs

It's the old black and white movies, or maybe the ones where men always wore hats and the women always wore heels. Their voices take us to another time, whether it's The Twilight Zone or White Christmas. Use that retro voice and your piece will reflect another time.