Robotic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Robotic voice for your voice over project.

Have you ever spoken into a fan before? The voice comes out as choppy and robotic, like a bad audio file. Talking robots, smart toys, and voice assistants all use the robotic voice. What started out as a metallic-sounding voice has advanced to come very close to sounding like a human voice.

Info for Robotic voice Voice-overs

Robotic voices sound mechanical and futuristic. They can elevate your project, be it a sci-fi video or a video game character narration. This voice has a synthetic quality that distinguishes it from the rest.

When can you use an Robotic voice Voice-over?

It is used in futuristic sci-fi movies that feature talking space ships and robots. Text-to-speech software and mobile applications also use the robotic voice. Musicians in the house and disco genres are notorious for use robotic sound effects on their songs. Children’s smart toys also come with pre-installed robotic voices that make the toys more interactive and fun to play with.

What makes the perfect Robotic voice?

This voice makes machines feel like more than just gadgets. It makes them feel more personal, more approachable and friendly. It can also be accompanied by visual aids, which further helps send the message. For example, a character’s eyes might turn red when sending a threat. A robotic voice generally sounds emotionless, and pronounces every word clearly. It can be terrifying or not, depending on the message being put across.

Other info for Robotic voice Voice-overs

Robotic voices vary according to the speaker and the context. An aggressive and firm robotic voice can be used to show a murderous character who is determined to wipe out the entire human population. A relatively softer and warm robotic voice can be used to describe a character whose purpose is to cater for the needs of others, for example, in the case of toys. A high-pitched robotic voice is usually used for female characters, while a low-pitched voice is used for male characters.