Romantic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Romantic voice for your voice over project.

A romantic voice is one that’s characterized by the expression of love. A voice-over depicting romance should give listeners that warm fuzzy feeling that’s associated with intimacy.

You ever heard the phrase; love is in the air? I bet you have. The voice is used mostly to advertise romantic getaways and encourage couples to sign up.

Info for Romantic voice Voice-overs

A romantic voice should focus on emotion, passion and affection. Most people understand affectionate, romantic involvement, whether they’ve experienced it personality or witnessed it on other people.

However, romance has qualities of idealism and desire, which might not be the same as what people experience in real life. A poetic voice is what you want to use if you want your audience to feel struck by Cupid’s arrow.

When can you use an Romantic voice Voice-over?

A romantic expression can be juvenile or mature, depending on the audience you’re targeting. The way 18-year-olds express romantic love is very different from how older couples do. Your romantic tone should be aligned with the demographic you’re targeting.

Romance has evolved over the years and what used to matter than might not be a big deal today. Are you targeting old school couples or millennials and generation Z? The ideals that people value in romance vary from generation to generation.

What makes the perfect Romantic voice?

A romantic tone should be conducive for the expression of love. An idealized view of reality characterizes the voice. Your voice-over should paint a perfect picture that people would want to buy into.