Rugged Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Rugged voice for your voice over project.

There's something kind of sexy about the rugged voice. It's coarse and a little unrefined, but knows no bounds and can be a bit dangerous. The rugged voice is outdoorsy and maybe a little rough. But we all seem to be taken by it.

Info for Rugged voice Voice-overs

A rugged voice depicts an outdoorsy vibe. No tailored suits and martinis here. But a rugged voice has its own appeal. It's the get down and dirty voice, the one that knows how to build a campfire or take the listener on a journey through snowy mountains. This may not be the warmest voice, but there's something friendly and trustworthy about it.

When can you use an Rugged voice Voice-over?

The rugged voice is great for narration and character voices. It has a lot of audience appeal becasue it's not so refined that it's intimidating or offputting. It's familiar and comfortable, like a well worn flannel shirt. This is a perfect choice for a nature documentary voice over or something about outdoor adventure. It's also perfect for your rugged, outdoorsy character in a video game or audiobook. And don't forget about the charm and the innate appeal of the rugged voice. Your audience will love it.

What makes the perfect Rugged voice?

A rugged voice is confident and self assured. There's probably some grit to it, and it's on the deeper, maybe hoarser side. You won't hear filler words or awkward pauses, the rugged character is too confident for that. There's a strong determinaition here, and a cleverness to not let a situation get the better of the speaker. We love our rugged characters; they're full of strong determination and understated confidence.