Sad Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sad voice for your voice over project.

A voice that sounds lost, uncertain, and defeated– this is what a sad voice is. Vastly different from how you usually sound, this tone of voice is as if you have lost all will in life. The world is muted, and you can’t feel anything but deep sorrow. By speaking to your audience in a sorrowful voice, you can share with them the way you feel.

Info for Sad voice Voice-overs

For scripts with characters that experienced heartache and grief, you need a voice actor that can deliver a sad voice that tug at your heartstrings. As if they are on the verge of tears, this voice evokes intense feelings and powerful emotions from the listeners. Sounding like the world has burned you down is not easy, but the best talents can provide you with the best performance.

When can you use an Sad voice Voice-over?

A sad voice is ideal for when your script’s goal is to evoke feelings of sadness from your listeners. Use it for grieving or depressed characters, in melancholic scenes, or troubled times. As a voice style ideal for specific scenes, it is useful for video games, audiobooks, character demos, cartoons, and more.

What makes the perfect Sad voice?

When you are sad, your voice is small and weak, sometimes quiet like a whisper. A sad voice is not high-pitched but sometimes monotonous, having lost any energy or life from it. Other times, it is heavy with shame, guilt, or similar emotions. When overcome with grief, the tone of voice becomes soft and almost fragile, like it will break any minute. For those whose sadness manifested in tears, a sad voice sounds cracked and hoarse, often caught at the throat.