Sarcastic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sarcastic voice for your voice over project.

How wonderfully brilliant you're here. No, we don’t mean that snidely! But, sarcasm is one of the many services we offer with grace and sophistication. Our professionally sarcastic voice actors will salt up your audience for an "unexceptionally mediocre" engagement!

Info for Sarcastic voice Voice-overs

Forget Swahili or Samoan, sarcasm is the universal language! For those who disagree with its crass rep, Oscar Wilde begs to differ. While sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, it requires the highest form of intelligence. Plus, not all sarcasm is a sting of contempt. Research shows that it boosts creativity and deescalates tension. And it's not just contextual. The insinuation requires a play in vocal intonation, pitch, and the emphasis of specific words. Missed sarcasm is just plain sad. Pack a sublime punch of taunting irony with our masters of sarcastic voice.

When can you use an Sarcastic voice Voice-over?

Reaching out to witty adults? Rhetoric and satire are a great way to make your video or audio ad unconventionally pop. When it comes to movies or audiobooks, children might miss the gist. But even Harry Potter has dropped a couple of punchlines! Heed the basic rules of engagement. By knowing your audience you'll know if they can appreciate some tasteful jesting!

What makes the perfect Sarcastic voice?

“Great” versus “Greeaaaat”. Context and body language aside, what makes sarcasm? A great vocalist, of course! A dynamic expression from anger to humor, sarcastic tones express boredom, disinterest, a falling intonation, and sometimes a nasal tone. With drawl and drawn out syllables, our sarcastic voice actors make sarcasm difficult to miss!