Saucy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Saucy voice for your voice over project.

A saucy voice is a mix between a feisty and a sassy voice. Whereas sassiness is subconscious, to pull off a saucy voice, you need to be deliberate about it. A saucy voice, unlike a sassy one, has sexual undertones.
When you’re looking for a voice actor, make sure they’re sassy and feisty.

Info for Saucy voice Voice-overs

A saucy voice actor is one who will not hesitate to speak out their mind. Even if you’re script already outlines what they need to say,innately, they need to be confident to work it. A saucy voice is ideal for a
politically incorrect script, one that does not toe the line. If you’re unique voice as a writer is to color outside the lines, you need a talented voice actor to give your script a saucy voice.

When can you use an Saucy voice Voice-over?

Using a saucy voice on your project gives your script the audacity to stand out. It would help if you targeted people who are open-minded because a saucy voice can easily offend conservatives. This is because, to someone who is close-minded, a saucy voice sounds insolent and emboldened. When
you’re targeting a forward-thinking audience, they might be taken aback, but they’ll still listen. A saucy voice works best if the audience welcomes new ideas and perspectives.

What makes the perfect Saucy voice?

A saucy voice should be bold, confident, and borderline authoritative. When you’re representing an idea that’s unheard of, you have to believe in it hard enough for people even to consider it.