Scared Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Scared voice for your voice over project.

A scared voice should be filled with panting and incomplete sentences. Ideally, fear should paralyze you to the extent that you’re unable to express yourself adequately. Maybe use nervous laughs here and there, stammering, as well as filler words to make it more convincing.

A scared voice is hard to mistake because it fills the audience with fear. The best way to acutely pull off a frightened voice is to be in a frightening situation. If you can find a talented actor who can record a scared voice without necessarily being scared, that’s great

Info for Scared voice Voice-overs

A scared voice actor can take on many roles, from a little boy who has lost his parents, to a teenager who cannot find their phone. Creating real-life scenarios allows your audience to connect with the voice-over.

Humans are social beings, therefore connected to one another in one way or another: They can usually experience what someone else is feeling.

When can you use an Scared voice Voice-over?

The audience for a scared voice varies based on what the message the scary voice-over is passing. You can target parents, teenagers, company owners, students, entrepreneurs, or even lawyers. The list is endless.

What makes the perfect Scared voice?

A scared voice should be laced with terror and sprinkled with a stammer. Fear paralyzes people, so the audience should have a little trouble comprehending what you’re saying. The voice should also be high pitched because of the urgency associated with fear.

If you’re looking to achieve an intensely scary voice, you should also have to shriek here and there.