Scary Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Scary voice for your voice over project.

A tone that strikes fear and terror - that’s what a scary voice is. It’s the kind of vocal style that leaves your skin pricked and blood-curdling, giving horrors that keep you up at night. Often spine-chilling, this voice makes you feel vulnerable. If your project’s goal is to petrify your listeners, then a voice actor of this talent is what you need.

Info for Scary voice Voice-overs

What kind of project do you have, a horror story? Whether it’s to scare or disturb your audience, the best voice talents can deliver the right vocal performance. Thanks to their excellent vocal range, creating a scary voice that will create an impression is a task they can do. Rest assured, spooking your audience is perfect for entertainment and even marketing!

When can you use an Scary voice Voice-over?

With what audience can you use a scary voice? Plenty! An ominous vocal delivery suits video games, Halloween marketing, horror movie trailers, horror audiobooks, villain demo, and more. Whether young or old, a scary-sounding voice is something that can put them on edge, but also keep them entertained.

What makes the perfect Scary voice?

A scary voice can be deep and full as if it came from a hollow ground. It can be high-pitched, like the chilling voice of a mad clown. Sometimes, it feels slithery full of sinister intentions. The human voice is unique, and so each frightening tone is just as different. But whatever differences those are, the fact it causes you to fear. By triggering the fight or flight response, such a voice is enough to root you in place or make you run for life. For this kind of performance, only skilled voice actors can do.