Sensitive Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sensitive voice for your voice over project.

A sensitive voice is a delicate appreciation of other people’s feelings. To record an impactful sensitive voice-over, you need to be a person who notices details. The voice-over needs to be gentle because you’re
handling your audience’s feelings with care.

Naturally, you’ll use a sensitive voice to address a sensitive issue. The voice actor needs to think deeply before speaking because what they say will determine how sensitive the voice recording will be.

Info for Sensitive voice Voice-overs

Before recording a sensitive voice-over, you should make sure you have absorbed every detail about the issue you want to address. Ideally, the actor should not take sides if there are sides to be taken. The
voice-over should reflect knowledge of the subject matter, and comprehension of what it means for the people you’re addressing.

When can you use an Sensitive voice Voice-over?

A sensitive voice-over should be addressed to people who care about what you’re talking about. You should validate the feelings of your listeners by touching on every feeling the issue evokes. Your voice-over should give your audience the courage to be sensitive as well. Phrases like, “you’re letting people get under your skin,” or “don’t take it personally,” have slowly eroded people’s sensitivity. To an extent, putting out sensitive voice-over is an effort to bring back sensitivity.

What makes the perfect Sensitive voice?

A sensitive voice should be thoughtful and compassionate. The voice actor should take their time to formulate delicate expressions to ensure the audience is drawn in.