Serious Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Serious voice for your voice over project.

When a serious voice speaks, everyone listens because this voice does not come to play. It’s the tone of the professor telling their students to ‘pay attention because this will be tested in the final exam.’ This voice is stern, and whenever it speaks, your first instinct is to listen and take notes.

Info for Serious voice Voice-overs

A serious voice commands the attention of the listener. It also gets the audience to focus because they know the important of what is being said. A serious tone carries a weight that is hard to ignore. You can use this voice to make a stand and have people listen to and respect your opinion.

When can you use an Serious voice Voice-over?

Explainer videos, e-learning videos, educational audiobooks, and even commercials use the serious voice to get the listeners to focus. This voice is naturally commanding and does well in PSAs (public service announcements) and documentary narrations.

What makes the perfect Serious voice?

A serious voice is authoritative. This voice lays down the law and leaves no room for guessing. This voice creates a sense of curiosity within the listener because the speaker sounds so knowledgeable. A serious speaker is confident and enunciates their words. A serious tone of voice doesn't always have to be formal. A serious voice that sounds casual also sounds more personable and relatable.

Other info for Serious voice Voice-overs

For the best results, use the serious voice together with other tones of voice. Maybe add a bit of enthusiasm, and some sarcasm to give the audience a comedic break, but always be respectful.