Sexy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sexy voice for your voice over project.

Describing a sexy voice can be challenging because everyone has their perception of what a sexy voice sounds like. Since a sexy voice is associated with sex appeal, naturally, it falls under the radar of adults. Therefore, the audience you’re targeting should determine the trajectory you take and the voice actor you choose for your project.

Info for Sexy voice Voice-overs

Have you ever listened to a sexy voice on the radio and immediately assumed the person is physically attractive? We all have because we tend to create an image in our heads of how someone looks when we hear their voices and vice versa.

Do you have a favorite audio erotica podcast you’re currently hooked on? If you do, I bet it’s because of the images the voice creates in your head. We sexualize voices because it is a crucial component of sexual attraction. That is why different people perceive voices differently. What is sexy for one person might not get under another person’s skin.

When can you use an Sexy voice Voice-over?

For a sexy tone, you target an adult audience. Sexy voices are ideal for erotica podcasts and narrations of erotic novels. Many people prefer listening to erotic as opposed to reading it. Since people appreciate different kinds of erotica, labeling your audios will help them choose what works for them.

What makes the perfect Sexy voice?

A sexy voice should be erotic because the intention is to arouse sexual desire in your audience.