Sick Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sick voice for your voice over project.

Have you ever played truant from school or work with an unwell card? If you're looking to go all the way and get your sick voice professionally done (for good reasons, of course), you'll need an invincible voice actor who can convince! Find the perfect sick voice for your commercial or audiobook. And we mean a sick voice!

Info for Sick voice Voice-overs

From the common cough to fighting ailments at death's gate, a sick voice can range from hoarse to feeble. The art of sounding like a sick person sometimes takes more skills and vocal expertise than expected. For example, vocal fry is tends used to create the voice of someone with a sore throat. But the technique can be harmful to inexperienced vocal cords. Rather than actually getting a sore throat from acting like a person who has it, why not hire a sick voice instead, for your project? Check out our line-up of pro voices today!

When can you use an Sick voice Voice-over?

Whether it's a pharmaceutical commercial or a character in a movie, the sick voice is usually relatable to an audience demographic consisting of adults and older. That's simply because everyone gets sick, and the vocal character understandably resonates with anyone who has experienced physical ailments.

What makes the perfect Sick voice?

Nasally congested, weak, and slow in speech, those are the ingredients to creating a vocally sick character. A convincingly sick voice usually appeals to the audience's empathy, compassion, and receptiveness. It is generally low in volume because the character is debilitated from malaise, or perhaps the sedating effects of medication.