Sleazy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sleazy voice for your voice over project.

The sleazy voice is all about portraying those characters who always seem to have some great deal, but whom you would trust right about as far as you can throw 'em. Immorality, dishonesty, and untrustworthiness are what these reads are all about.

Info for Sleazy voice Voice-overs

Some characters think they're master salesmen or seducers, but in reality they're just common conmen. When you need a read that's about portraying that perfect mix of off-brand charm and a strong undercurrent of dishonesty and deceit, look no further than the sleazy voice. Strip-mall lawyers, used-car salesmen, flirts who just don't seem to know when to stop, and drunken losers who always seem to have a million-dollar deal lined right up; one-and-all, hucksters, players, and sugar-coaters.

When can you use an Sleazy voice Voice-over?

Video games, films, animation features, and audiobooks have made great use of the sleazy voice. From lovable hucksters like Han Solo and Jimmy McGill, seductive master salesmen like Don Draper, to more overtly greasy, odious characters whom you wouldn't trust to sell you an actual bottle of water in the desert. Sleazy characters always have that mix of charm (or an attempt thereof) coupled with an almost visible, palpable self-serving air, although how well they pull it off varies from character from character. Ads have also had their share of sleazy characters, and generally they're used as a way to showcase low-quality or bootleg goods, versus the actual high-quality product, usually portrayed or espoused by more honest characters.

What makes the perfect Sleazy voice?

Smarmy, greasy, but with a certain hypnotic allure. The sleazy voice is absolutely confident, and also absolutely untrustworthy.