Sleepy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sleepy voice for your voice over project.

A sleepy voice can also be called a morning voice because it is the deep voice people speak with when they wake up. Some people find it weird, and others think that it’s sexy. This phenomenon happens because the vocal cords, like the rest of your body, usually need time to ward up when you wake up.

Are you the kind to avoid human contact until your voice begins to sound normal? Or maybe you fancy your sleepy voice, and you savor it for all long as it lasts.

Info for Sleepy voice Voice-overs

A raspy voice in the morning is a temporary phenomenon that happens when your body is just from rest. The beauty of using a sleepy voice in a voice-over is because everyone can relate. Everyone sleeps and wakes up with a voice that’s not theirs.

You must be wondering how voice actors can pull off a sleepy voice when they’re not from slumber. Well, everything is possible with some training, even speaking with a sleepy voice in the middle of a sunny day.

When can you use an Sleepy voice Voice-over?

What comes to mind when you think about sleep? Rest maybe? Since everyone rests at the end of the day, you can use a sleepy voice to target just about anyone. Sleepy voices can be used in advertisements for
quality mattresses and beddings.