Slow Paced Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Slow Paced voice for your voice over project.

If you have a project that calls for clear, precise diction and a measured approach to line reading, then you're better off trying a slow paced voice. These reads take their time in order to facilitate information retention and achieve maximum clarity.

Info for Slow Paced voice Voice-overs

Speed isn't what it's all about sometimes. There are scripts that call for relaxed, unhurried reads that pull the listener in, and make them pay close attention to what it's being saiud. A slow paced voiced as a measured, quasi-hypnotic quality that makes it easier to understand what's being said. It's a great ally when you need a read that conveys important, complex information that may not be easily understood if it just zooms by. This is a voice type that's ideal for omniscient narrators and e-learning courses.

When can you use an Slow Paced voice Voice-over?

Narrators are one of the greatest examples of a slow paced voiced. Their relaxed, almost leisurely tones are a great way to make listeners feel like they're being told a story. This voice type also works very well with audiobooks or podcasts that have a lot of information, as they're a great way to avoid losing your listeners and keeping them engaged. Some PSAs and ads could also benefit from a slower-paced delivery. Generally, the more information that needs to be conveyed, the better a slower voice is at holding the listener's attention.

What makes the perfect Slow Paced voice?

Clear, relaxed, and open diction are the main qualities of the slow paced voice.