Smiling Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Smiling voice for your voice over project.

Smiles are so powerful that you can feel them over voice-overs. You don’t have to see someone’s face to know that they’re smiling. That’s because you can deduce a lot from their voice. A smiling voice is of
someone who is smiling. You can use a smiling voice to deliver delightful news to your audience. The voice actor needs to feel the depth and beauty of the message before they start recording.

Info for Smiling voice Voice-overs

Smiles are quite contagious, much like yawns. Have you ever heard someone yawn, and you instantly felt like yawning as well? It is the same with smiles.

When you smile, your joy spreads far and wide. Interestingly, we can pick up different kinds of smiles just from listening to people speak.

When can you use an Smiling voice Voice-over?

You can use a smiling voice on just about every audience out there because anyone can be a recipient of good news. Many companies are choosing to have a smiling tone as part of their brand message as it humanizes their business. Ensure the message in your smiling voice-overs are aligned with what your brand stands for.

What makes the perfect Smiling voice?

A smiling voice is characterized by light-hearted giggling. Your voice actor needs to pull the heart stringer of your listeners. The audience should feel the goodness of the message to the point that they smile as well.

Your voice-over will be impactful when your voice actor exudes engagement, empathy, and excitement.