Smooth Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Smooth voice for your voice over project.

A smooth voice is captivating and hypnotic; it invites listeners in and keeps their attention. It almost doesn't matter what the smooth voice is saying, it's all in the how.

Info for Smooth voice Voice-overs

A smooth voice is like soft serve ice cream, creamy and soft, tempting and delicious. Think James Earl Jones or Michael Buble. Sure, a smooth talker may have a smooth voice, but they are different. A smooth talker has some ulterior motive and uses their voice and speech to manipulate, but a smooth voice is just a magical sound. These are the storytellers, the narrators, the speakers we can't get enough of. A smooth voice is a perfect choice for a voice over in many situations.

When can you use an Smooth voice Voice-over?

Audiences love a smooth voice. With its appealing sound, it's great for audiobooks, film narrations, podcasts, voiceovers, teaching videos, and eLearning audio. When you have something to say, a smooth voice is a great delivery method. Your audience will stop and listen to these pleasant, easy tones.

What makes the perfect Smooth voice?

A smooth voice is evenly paced, warm and kind, and never rushed. It exudes a mix of knowledge and friendliness to connect with the listener. Perfect for narration and reading, this voice is silky and smooth, and if you could touch it, it would feel like fine silk. Spoken with clarity, it's always easy to understand and does not contain fillers or awkward moments. This is what makes it great for narration or sharing information. This voice can be any gender or ethnicity; it is probably mostly middle aged, but can also span a variety of ages.