Snarky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Snarky voice for your voice over project.

Being mean is an art. Not everyone can pull off a spiteful comment or a sarcastic comment on the fly, but the snarky voice does the trick. It is the voice of the evil stepmother in Disney movies and mean bosses in office setups. You could have an innocent look, but once you use this voice, the evil in you is automatically brought out.

Info for Snarky voice Voice-overs

There’s always that mean colleague who says, "Nice hair…" when you are having a bad hair day or "Good work…" after you failed in a project. The snarky voice is cranky, crude, and sarcastic, and it can pierce through emotions when used to shame someone.

When can you use an Snarky voice Voice-over?

It is the voice of a spiteful, heinous audiobook character or a rich person looking down on those considered poor. It is used by radio, and podcast characters who think they know more than everyone else and want nothing more than to prove it. A biting and judgmental tone and an ‘I am better than you’ attitude must be used together with the snarky voice for maximum impact. This voice is also biting and spiteful and can represent a character who has been wronged. An unruly teenager, for instance, might use this voice when talking back to their parents.

What makes the perfect Snarky voice?

The snarky voice sounds cruel and snobbish. It can point to the speaker’s feeling of superiority or disobedience. When used right, the audience often ends up hating the character, making it perfect for use on villains in a story.

Other info for Snarky voice Voice-overs

Condescending voices, like that of parents, speaking to their adult children like they are toddlers, have a measure of this voice. By using the snarky voice, a person tries to make another feel degraded, shamed, or even inferior.