Snobby Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Snobby voice for your voice over project.

This is the voice you can never measure up to because a snobby speaker considers themselves to be better than everyone else. A snobby voice thinks it is better, and it takes pride in this fact.

Info for Snobby voice Voice-overs

Snobs and elitists go together. A snobby voice represents a character from high society, a speaker that is out of touch with the struggles that others have to go through. British royalty and nobility is associated with snobby tendencies which include a posh and judgmental tone.

When can you use an Snobby voice Voice-over?

A snobby voice is not always a bad thing, it used well. Want to make your brand or product seem more exclusive? Use the snobby voice to make listeners believe that you have something so special it can only be offered to the chosen few. This voice is posh and condescending and can really sell a video game or animation character. A snobby speaker is seen as arrogant and stuck up as they consider themselves above everyone else.

What makes the perfect Snobby voice?

A snobby tone might use difficult words in an effort to sound intelligent. This speaker doesn't care for the needs of the audience and might use unfamiliar words and overblown language so as to set themselves apart. This voice can have a subtle judgmental tone, but it still manages to either insult or put the listener down in some way. Snobby speakers are also notorious for using too much formal language and flaunting their vast knowledge.

Other info for Snobby voice Voice-overs

This voice disregards the feelings of everyone else while sounding confident, calm, and sure. It is the voice of a character with an over-inflated ego, a feeling that they are too important.