Soft Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Soft voice for your voice over project.

A soft voice should be sweet and beautiful. Most of the time, it is usually female voice actors that record soft voices because of the tenderness of their voices. However, men too, can take this role because even
baritone or bass can be soft. Soft voices should be soothing and quiet. It’s the kind of voice best listened to with headphones for you to enjoy the essence of the message.

Info for Soft voice Voice-overs

When a person speaks or says something with a soft, gentle voice, we tend to react with warmth. A soft voice has the power to calm down the most restless minds. Have you ever found yourself pleasantly surprised when you heard someone speak for the first time? A soft voice can take many by surprise and pleasantly so.

When can you use an Soft voice Voice-over?

A warm and pleasant tone is ideal for people who have turbulent thoughts. A soft voice has the power to calm a person’s nerves and slow down their thoughts. When a person focuses on the softness of the voice,
they’ll usually drift away from the anxious state. Meditation audios are usually characterized by soft voices to ensure the audience has a peaceful meditating session.

What makes the perfect Soft voice?

Soft voices should be light and breathy. There should also be overtones of lilting inflections regardless of the pitch the voice actor is using. A voice that is relaxing, pretty and sweet will always get the attention of your audience.