Softspoken Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Softspoken voice for your voice over project.

It’s gentle and reserved. It’s meek & kind and carries herself with a tranquil demeanor. It’s the softspoken voice: the warm embrace of a motherly figure, and the comforting voice of a wise man. Don't mistake its low volume for weakness or shyness because this voice can be compelling and persuasive.

Info for Softspoken voice Voice-overs

It is the voice of reason. The caring, soft words of a mother to her beloved. A father's guiding voice to his son. Yes, the softspoken voice has a calm and even tone, but it also contains conviction and authority. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the world momentarily stop, just so her voice can be heard.

When can you use an Softspoken voice Voice-over?

The softspoken voice contains no judgment and tackles sensitive subjects without bias. It is the comforting voice you hear in an audiobook and podcasts and is often used to portray people perceived to be wise and non-confrontational. Commercials also make use of this voice to get through to their listeners.

What makes the perfect Softspoken voice?

Everyone has a voice that takes them through hard times. A voice that's kind, understanding, non-judgmental, and often sympathetic: the softspoken voice. It is pleasant, gentle, and even though you often have to listen harder, every word is full of insight and intelligence.

Other info for Softspoken voice Voice-overs

The soft-spoken voice is used to portray reserved characters. Due to the calm nature of the voice, characters that portray it are perceived to be kind. However, it can be used to characterize an evil or menacing character who, to the world, is just another gentle soul, but behind the scenes is a psychological maniac who patiently plots against those who have wronged them.