Soothing Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Soothing voice for your voice over project.

Listening to a soothing voice gives your audience a gentle calming effect. Relaxing and reassuring, it is a hypnotic tone of voice great at alleviating stress and discomfort. Incredibly pleasant to hear, any project of this voice style makes one stop to listen. A project with this voice will undoubtedly make any audience feel reassured.

Info for Soothing voice Voice-overs

If your script’s goal is to get your listener to relax and feel at ease, then a soothing voice is perfect. One of the most popular voice styles, it provides any project with a calmness that helps your audience’s mental well-being. Use this tone of voice, and you will find your listeners loving what you do.

When can you use an Soothing voice Voice-over?

You can use a soothing voice for all kinds of projects and audiences. Children and adults will do well to listen to a comforting voice that will put them in a good mood. With that, it will be ideal to use this voice style for certain TV commercials and documentaries. Its amazing relaxing quality also makes it perfect for a meditation podcast.

What makes the perfect Soothing voice?

A soothing voice is soft and smooth. It is gentle but also firm. This voice is moderately high-pitched, certainly not grating to the ears. It is also not singsongy but has an expressive quality that when you listen to it, there’s a sense of confidence and intelligence in the air. People with a calming voice take it slow and clear, speaking in a low, relaxed tone that tends to calm emotions. A soothing voice gives a nice effect for projects meant to make you a little sleepy, comfortable, and stress-free.