Spooky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Spooky voice for your voice over project.

This is the stuff campfire tales are about - spooky voices ready to scare thier listeners and send delicious shivers down their spines. It almost doesn't even matter what they're saying. It's all about the spooky voice.

Info for Spooky voice Voice-overs

People loved to be scared, and the spooky voice does just that. There's a bit of campiness and fun in the spooky voice, though, so it's not acturally terrifying. You can't help but think of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride and the great, spooky voice that narrates your journey. And would the spooky voice really be complete without the spooky laugh?

When can you use an Spooky voice Voice-over?

When you want to scare your audience in delight, use the spooky voice. This voice is a perfect addition to any ghost story, scary podcast about ghosts, the supernatural, or something else on the spooky side. There's nothing better than the spooky voice for Halloween stories, soundtracks, or voiceovers. This is for the fun loving, scary seekers, the ones who love Halloween and hearing scary stories. You can have a lot of scary fun with the spooky voice.

What makes the perfect Spooky voice?

The spooky voice is that deep, rich, baritone. Words come slowly, intentionally, and meancingly, with spooky vibes dripping off of each one. Think Vincent Price and his classic, spooky voice. Think his narration in Michael Jackson's Thriller. It doesn't get much spookier than that.

Other info for Spooky voice Voice-overs

When you're looking to go spooky scary, go with the spooky voice.There's that beloved touch of campiness and fun in this voice; in fact, it's almost a hyperbole of itself. Make sure to add that menacingly laugh to complete it!