Squeaky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Squeaky voice for your voice over project.

You just thought of Mickey Mouse, didn't you? It is hard not to associate a squeaky sound with those mice and other rodents. Think of a dog that just got a new toy but can't stop chewing on it...the sound it makes might just drive you crazy! You just bought a new pair of shoes, but you found out they make a really annoying high-pitched sound when you walk. Get the drift? There is a very thin line between annoying and adorable, and the squeaky voice walks right in the middle.

Info for Squeaky voice Voice-overs

You either love it, or you don't. There is no in-between with the squeaky voice. It is high-pitched and irritating, but when used correctly, it can be genuinely funny. The downside is that It is hard for people to take you seriously when you are using this voice.

When can you use an Squeaky voice Voice-over?

It is mostly used in cartoons, animations, and commercials. There is a hint of child-like innocence in a squeaky voice that is hard not to love. It brings attention to the character either by being funny, maddening, and sometimes both.

What makes the perfect Squeaky voice?

The squeaky voice is shrill, sharp, and high pitched... like that of a young child or a mouse. It is not easy to get used to as it is often annoying, but it can be hilarious when used in small planned sequences. When used by a child, it is downright the cutest thing you’ll ever hear.

Other info for Squeaky voice Voice-overs

This voice is often on the line between endearing and irritating. Use just the right amount of the squeaky voice in a project, with enough breaks of normal-sounding voices in between.