Stodgy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Stodgy voice for your voice over project.

You know that one office guy who always want to chat but is as boring as they come? Trust us, it’s better to watch paint dry than listen to stodgy voices, which means these dreary and dull voices have the potential to get make your character stand out.

Info for Stodgy voice Voice-overs

Stodgy voices have a monotone vibe. These voices lack imagination; they lack excitement and color. If you have a bland and spiritless script, a stodgy voice can help bring out the respectable nature of the read perfectly.

When can you use an Stodgy voice Voice-over?

Think insurance, or commercials for pharmaceutical products. There is little room for jokes in such scripts, and this is where stodgy voices come in. These voices old fashioned and command the attention of older audiences. You want to stay away from stodgy voices if your brand is trendy and urban. These voices are great for commercials that need to convey a sense of calm, warmth and comfort without seeming too emotional. Character voices can also be stodgy.

What makes the perfect Stodgy voice?

Stodgy voices can be dull, but they also have a natural feel that can be comforting to your audience. These voices can lead your audience to trust your brand. Just because these voices are bland doesn’t mean they are boring. A true stodgy voice master can switch it up; using shorter phrases to enhance clarity, slowing down the speech, and emphasizing the most important parts of the script. Stodgy voices are memorable because they come with an indifference that makes the speaker appear like a trusted source.