Stoic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Stoic voice for your voice over project.

A stoic voice is all about conveying an unflappable, noble quality that doesn't bend or break against the hardships of life. If you're looking to imbue your projects with an air of serenity, coolness, and gentleness, these reads would make Marcus Aurelius proud.

Info for Stoic voice Voice-overs

There are people out there that have a natural ability to retain a zen-life focus in even the most extreme situations. The stoic voice perfectly embodies the qualities of ultimate acceptance, tranquility, and wisdom. If you need characters that are steadfast, experienced, and have a rare intelligence and understanding about them, you're definitely on the right track with a stoic delivery.

When can you use an Stoic voice Voice-over?

Wise, old characters are a mainstay in films, animation, literature, and video games. Fictional works have always benefited from stoic stalwarts who show acceptance in even the most perilous situations, and whose composture rarely ever breaks. Stoicism works great for heroic types as well, and it's also used often with sympathetic villains who have a lawful,relatable, or kinder side. Another great use of the stoic voice is in matter-of-fact PSAs that need to convey the gravity of a situation with just the weight of the facts; the stoic delivery tends to accentuate the emotional resonance of the matter at hand.

What makes the perfect Stoic voice?

The stoic voice embodies wisdom, unshakability, and an enviable gravitas. This voice types tends to be deeper, more mature, with a very unhurried, deliberate cadence that rarely shifts, even in the face of insurmountable odds.