Street Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Street voice for your voice over project.

This voice may not be book smart, but it sure knows its way around the streets. The street voice is savvy, smart, and shrewd. No messing with this one.

Info for Street voice Voice-overs

Remember Tramp, from Disney's Lady and the Tramp? Well, he's got the street voice. He knows his way around, he's smart, and he's got connections. This voice embodies all of that. When you want your character to depict these characteristics, choose the street voice. It's an effective way to show that though this character may not have the grooming and polish of someone else, they know how to make their way in the world.

When can you use an Street voice Voice-over?

This is an effective voice for any character that you want to give street smarts. Your audience may be made of gamers or kids watching an animated series. Just becasue this character may have an edge doens't mean they're bad or inappropriate for a young crowd. It's an effective voice for commercials and film, as well.

What makes the perfect Street voice?

The street voice may sound gruff or cold or standoffish. You'll hear a lot of slang and an unpolished dialect. No snobbery or fancy lilts here, but above all, this voice trust its gut more than anything else. The voice could be on the high or low end, of course, it can also be neutral, and you'll hear this spoken from any age, gender, or ethnicity.

Other info for Street voice Voice-overs

Other examples of the street voice are Han Solo from Star Wars (no explanation needed here), Aladdin from Aladdin, Suki from Avatar, and Leon from F-Zero. Remember, though these guys may sound brash and aloof, it doens't mean they can't end up being your best friend,