Strict Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Strict voice for your voice over project.

Nobody likes being told off or scolded, that's for sure. But, when you need a character that will bring a stern, authoritarian mood to scenes, then a strict voice is the perfect choice.

Info for Strict voice Voice-overs

Some characters rely heavily on the weight of their authority over others. Characters like inflexible, uncompromising tutors, martial arts masters, or teachers, or government types that tolerate no questions or dissent, and they all convery their unyielding message in the no-nonse tones of the strict voice. If you need to bring the stern lecturing, word-of-god scolding to rebellious or mischievious characters, then our voice actors or actresses are ready to make it happen in a way that will make even Miss Agatha Trunchbull herself blush.

When can you use an Strict voice Voice-over?

Some characters could use a little talking-down sometimes, or maybe they' find themselves under the wing of a particularly harsh tutor or institution. The strict voice can convey the stern, paternalistic tones of either a just or unjust caretaker, martial arts master, or teacher. Characters like Principal Skinner from the Simpsons embody this trope perfectly, the rigid. uncompromising face of authority absolutely convinced of the justness of their morals and views. A strict voice is also perfect for PSAs, where it can be used as a counterpoint for warmer, more empathetic, flexbile tones, or characters who can convince the more uptight one about the benefits of letting their hair down for a bit.

What makes the perfect Strict voice?

Uncompromising, formal, and totally convinced of their own rectitude. The strict voice tends to speak as if from a podium constructed solely out of higher moral values.