Strong Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Strong voice for your voice over project.

A strong voice is exactly what you need if your script calls for a read that's powerful, confident, and perfect for leaders and heroic characters.

Info for Strong voice Voice-overs

When you need a vocal delivery that's all about portraying trustworthiness, strength of character, decisiveness, and a powerful presence, a strong voice is the first thing that pops up on the list. Some characters are leaders, and others are followers. This voice is ideal for both heroes and charismatic villains, and it's also a must when you have a clear, powerful message that needs to be displayed front-and-center, loud and proud.

When can you use an Strong voice Voice-over?

Films, animation, video games and audibooks have their fair share of powerful leaders and heroic characters that need the perfect strong voice to come to life. When you need an unfaltering presence that's all about the greater good and higher moral standards, then look no further. Bad guys, with their charisma and absolute certainty in their actions, sometimes can have this voice to subvert the trope slightly and also give them an air of relatability. The strong voice is also an excellent companion for PSAs, marketing and commercials. A direct, powerful voice is a great way to avoid diluting your message, and having characters that are convincing, relatable, and generate empathy and engagement among your listeners.

What makes the perfect Strong voice?

Direct, powerful, resonant, open, with a warm, relatable timbre and a medium cadence. The strong voice is unhurried, with a great open diction and never in a rush. It radiates an air of confidence and leadership that puts listeners at ease.