Submissive Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Submissive voice for your voice over project.

A submissive person is one who is ready to conform to authority. It has a negative connotation because it means a person’s stand can easily be swayed. It is a manifestation of unquestioning obedience Submissive people are often not seriously taken because they do not speak with authority, almost as if they’re unsure of what they’re saying.

You must be wondering how to use such a voice to communicate a message. Well, even though it’s docile and yielding, you can successfully use it to get your message across. It is best used in a comparative scenario to show your audience how not to communicate.

Info for Submissive voice Voice-overs

A submissive person is usually passive and meekly obedient. Like it doesn’t matter how the discussion turns out because they’ll always agree. They tend to speak in a slow pace, and even from a voice-over, you can tell their shoulders are low set. Such people are easy to interrupt because people who speak slowly irritate their confident counterparts. If you have more than one voice actor in your recording, consider having another person speak over your submissive actor.

When can you use an Submissive voice Voice-over?

As long as you have the right message, you can target just about any audience with a passive voice. The intention is to show how a lack of power and poor projection of confidence looks like.

What makes the perfect Submissive voice?

A submissive voice should be yielding, accommodating, and docile. The actor should sound like someone who would say nothing if you hurt them. The voice should also be low pitched and slow-paced. Nevertheless, the audience should have a hard time following what the actor is saying.