Sultry Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sultry voice for your voice over project.

Ah, that low, sexy, and smoky type of voice that is just pleasing to hear. The sultry voice has a natural aura of romance and luxury. This is the voice of the powerful and very attractive character that completely captivates your audience.

Info for Sultry voice Voice-overs

You’ll find a sultry voice mostly in women; you’ll recognize it by the low pitch and smoky quality. This voice is smooth and mysterious, it is flirty and feminine, and listeners love to hear it.

When can you use an Sultry voice Voice-over?

A sultry voice does well when advertising in multiple industries, including entertainment, luxury, and romance. You’ll likely find it in commercial spots for perfume, exotic getaways or expensive sports-cars. A sultry voice artist can also get jobs as an audio book narrator for adult romantic books. This voice always leaves the audience wanting more. If you want your product to get the attention of your consumers especially, when your audience consists of young adults and middle aged people, consider using a sultry voice.

What makes the perfect Sultry voice?

There are techniques you can do as a voice over artist to achieve this sultry voice. Lower your pitch (you want to go for a deep, feminine sound). Speak slowly and practice pausing in between your words. Always make sure you are very relaxed and let your words flow as you breath out. A sultry voice sounds confident, and when the speaker laughs, it sounds light and sexy. Singers with sultry voices, like Betty Carter and Emily King, are said to be hypnotic and enticing.

Other info for Sultry voice Voice-overs

There is this theory that points to the subjective nature of the sultry voice. What one person thinks is a sultry voice might not sound the same to another. If a listener is attracted to the speaker, they might hear a sultry voice where there is none.