Technical Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Technical voice for your voice over project.

A technical voice showcases expertise and technique in a given art, subject, or craft. They usually take a descriptive format because the goal is to educate the audience.

To record a technical voice, you need practical knowledge in the subject you’re addressing. Most of the time, technical tones are associated with scientific and mechanical subjects.

Info for Technical voice Voice-overs

When you don’t know how a specific appliance works, you usually seek technical support. We call people technicians when they’re experts who understand the given appliances inside out. Note that technique can also apply in other fields like electronics, engineering, law, graphic design, and so on. Voice actors can always read the instructions for your voice-over verbatim. However, it’s best to work with someone who is an expert in this field. When someone knows what they’re talking about, they provide a better explanation.

When can you use an Technical voice Voice-over?

Your audience should be individuals that require technical support in your field of expertise. You cannot address technical issues in a field you know nothing about. For instance, a person can only offer legal interpretation if they understand the law and have experience as a practicing attorney.

What makes the perfect Technical voice?

Your technical voice should have a characteristic of specialization. You need a voice over actor who expresses in-depth knowledge on the subject matter. They should also be elaborate and easy to understand. People listen to technical voice-overs because they need to understand how a specific thing works. Use descriptive language so that people know when you’re moving from one instruction to the next.