Terrified Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Terrified voice for your voice over project.

Do you have a project that calls for a character that's out-of-their-mind afraid? For those times when reason breaks down and your script calls for all-consuming fear, a read with a terrified voice is the perfect choice..

Info for Terrified voice Voice-overs

There's fear, and then there's terror. No doubt, when characters are in the grip of unremitting panic, the time for niceties and subtlety is long gone. If you need a read that's all about conveying the powerful, climaxing terror of an intense situtation that's gone out of control, or is beyond normal uderstanding, then look no further than the terrified voice. Whether it's all-out screaming, or barely-contained madness, these reads can bring a powerful, dramatic intensity to your projects.

When can you use an Terrified voice Voice-over?

Horor stories now abound in the realms of film, animation, and video games. There are many horror tropes that are alive and well in all of these mediums; if you need a group of foolhardy teenagers that are suddenly in over their heads and on the run from an eldritch horror, then it goes without saying that the terrified voice is a perfect choice. There many ways to approach horror, and our performers are ready to tackle your vision the way you want it. Audiobooks, podcasts, and even commercials have also made use of this voice type as well, whether playing with type or against it.

What makes the perfect Terrified voice?

The terrified voice is all about conveying abject horror. Screaming, ragged gasps, and high-pitched panic are definitely not out of the question.