Toothless Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Toothless voice for your voice over project.

“I’m geh-hing some mihhk hoohay,” he said with a toothless grin. Do you know someone who eats through a straw with shrunken jaws? Whether it’s just a couple of missing teeth or a gleaming gummy smile, we have just the right toothless voice for your audiobook, voice over, or ad project. Find the perfect one from our lineup of experienced voice actors today!

Info for Toothless voice Voice-overs

Who knew that teeth played such an important role in enunciation? With just one or two front teeth missing, air whistles through gaps with the articulation of words requiring tongue-to-teeth pronunciation. A toothless voice is used to portray characters who either got socked in the face or perhaps, an elderly or homeless individual who struggles to afford dental health. Bring your characters or role-play to life with our uncanny toothless voice!

When can you use an Toothless voice Voice-over?

A toothless voice is just dental health hygiene brands, services, and clinics need to create a memorable impression with their clients. And that means reaching a wide demographic of young and old, and of variable income levels. That aside, a toothless character adds layers, detail, and personality to characters in the plot of children’s books, animation, and movies, making their roles more vivid and interesting.

What makes the perfect Toothless voice?

Slurred, lisped, and often slow, a toothless voice sounds like its having a difficult time articulating words. You might even hear the spitter-spatter of spittle projected through the gaps in teeth. Even simple words requiring the pronunciation of “ch,” “sh,” and “th” becomes arduous and come off as awkwardly garbled.