Tough Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Tough voice for your voice over project.

A tough voice may not be rough or threatening, but there is a certain resilience in every word it says. It’s confident and firm because it has faced many challenges and talked them down to size. This gives it a type of grit that can give your project that heavy-duty punch.

Info for Tough voice Voice-overs

This voice is sure of its convictions and is not that easy to sway. Tough guys might not be violent, but their words show they don’t shy away from a confrontation. It’s confident and calm when the situation scares everyone else, and maintains the same composure and grit even when the situation escalates.

When can you use an Tough voice Voice-over?

Tough voices bring action and excitement to any audio or video productions. Many films require tough voices to bring their most hardened characters to life. It works great for action-themed audiobooks, adverts, and even animated productions. There’s also loads of work for tough voices in videogames. Hard-sell commercials, particularly in the automotive industry usually go for tough voices to give listeners the impression of tough and durable products.

What makes the perfect Tough voice?

Most tough voices have a certain gruffness to them. This voice is hard-hitting and persistent. You might have noticed that tough people seldom raise their voices when they talk. Their speech might be deep, a little husky, and remains cool even in a bad situation.

Other info for Tough voice Voice-overs

A tough voice can come across as violent if they speak in a higher pitch. It’s best to keep an even tone when delivering a hard-hitting script. It’s not about threatening people, it’s about gaining their attention and delivering information to them in a unique and dynamic voice.