Uncertain Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Uncertain voice for your voice over project.

An uncertain voice instantly tells you what you need to hear even before the words have been spoken. This voice is hesitant and unsure. It is an undecided voice that cannot be trusted to lead or make decisions.

Info for Uncertain voice Voice-overs

An uncertain voice is not confident in what it says. It doesn’t lie to you, it begs you to manage your expectations. This voice changes according to context. An uncertain speaker can have an influx of information, they can be too excited, or they can be having an anxiety attack.

When can you use an Uncertain voice Voice-over?

Uncertain voices provide the perfect opening for adverts. They capture the listeners’ attention by addressing their worries or doubts. Once they are hooked, a more confident voice guides them to a solution. It can also be used to the same effect in TV shows, films, and at the start of audiobooks. This voice is also perfect for animations and video games that have a shifty or unresolved character.

What makes the perfect Uncertain voice?

Uncertain voices can have any tone or pitch. They speak with conviction, but a few cues betray the dependability of the information they try to pass on to the listener. It all comes down to word choices loaded with transitional phrases such as “but,” “I think,” or “maybe.”

Other info for Uncertain voice Voice-overs

An uncertain voice doesn’t lie to people, but it has an air of feigned or forced enthusiasm. You can’t be confident in your words if you’re anxious and undecided.