Urban/Street Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Urban/Street voice for your voice over project.

Urban or street voice is one of those voices you feature in your project for authenticity. Case in point, if you’re working on a documentary about a given area, incorporating urban voice in your voice-over gives your project identity. It ensures that the people from that area can identify with your documentary. Featuring street voice accords a community the recognition, respect, and integrity they deserve as you introduce who they are to the world. That means that you can only feature a voice actor who is familiar with the demography or the region you’re talking about in your documentary.

Info for Urban/Street voice Voice-overs

The street voice has got to be authentic-sounding; otherwise, it will not serve its purpose. The voice actor should get everything right, including the intonation and the pronunciation of different words.

When can you use an Urban/Street voice Voice-over?

Street voice best targets people who would generally use the language you feature in your voice-over. A street voice usually features vocabularies that only people from that area understand. If you’re, however,
targeting a global audience, translating these terms will help people understand what your project is about. The incorporation of street voice in your projects is, in a way, preservation of culture. As you know, street voices evolve over the years. Thus, keeping a record of what it used to be in a certain period helps with referencing during research.

What makes the perfect Urban/Street voice?

The street voice should be authentic and region-specific. You’ll need to ensure that the twang of the people you’re targeting is featured as well. You can use urban voice in a project to achieve inclusivity and relatability.