Urban Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Urban voice for your voice over project.

Urban voice is incomplete without the use of slang words and phrases. This approach usually gives people a sense of community. Urban voice has a characteristic laid back nature that’s familiar and inviting. The voice actor you hire should be well conversant with the cultural words and phrases you want to include in your voice-over.

Urban voice gives listeners the sense that they can define their world. After all, people don’t have to use formal speech all the time. The phrases used when recording urban voice aren’t typically found in standard dictionaries.

Info for Urban voice Voice-overs

The beauty of urban language is that it defines different communities. It allows different segments to have a style of their own. Note that when you move from one village to the next, phrases and words tend to change meaning. Most of the terms are jokes and sarcastic comments that members of the community use among themselves.

When can you use an Urban voice Voice-over?

The audiences for urban voice are quite versatile because they vary based on the urban language used. An urban voice-over recording for one urban community might not make sense for the next one. Make sure you’re precise in your execution because inside jokes only have an impact if the target audience can decipher what they mean. That is why you should choose a voice actor from the urban community you plan on targeting.

What makes the perfect Urban voice?

Urban voice has rough edges because it doesn’t follow the rules of language. The tone and vocal range will vary depending on the topic being addressed. It’s quite warm and welcoming for the people that understand it because it gives them a sense of belonging.