Urgent Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Urgent voice for your voice over project.

‘It’s a trap, get out of there NOW!!' The urgent voice keeps you on your toes, and every time you hear it, you just know you have to act. It warns and pleads and could be the difference between life and death. You can doubt it, you can be critical, but you certainly can never ignore the urgent voice.

Info for Urgent voice Voice-overs

It is compelling and sometimes insistent. The urgent voice makes you want to take immediate action, and somehow, you know that things could go wrong if you don't. It is the voice of a lady in labor looking for the nearest hospital or a child begging a grown-up to save their kitten that's stuck on a tree.

When can you use an Urgent voice Voice-over?

‘Behind you!’ ‘Get down!’ ‘It’s a bomb!’ Action movies would be incomplete without the urgent voice. When you hear it, you know a fast-paced activity is about to go down. It is the voice of excitement that you have come to love in video games and is sometimes used in hard-sell advertisements and promos.

What makes the perfect Urgent voice?

The urgent voice gives an illusion of time limits and is often high-pitched and punchy. It is militant in nature and can sometimes be commanding. Despite serving different purposes in different scenarios, this voice is usually spoken with great persistence and passion.

Other info for Urgent voice Voice-overs

It's not about what you say but how you say it. The urgent voice compels one to take immediate action and is used to show the seriousness or gravity of a situation. Audiences mostly love it because it keeps them on the edge of their seats.