Velvety Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Velvety voice for your voice over project.

You know how velvet feels? Soft and smooth, you just want to feel it. That's a velvety voice, too. Soft and smooth, and you just want to keep hearing it. It's pure audio pleasure.

Info for Velvety voice Voice-overs

You wander into a lounge late at night. A voice lures you to a seat and captivates you. The time slips by as you listen, entranced and relaxed. That is what a velvety voice does. It entrances and it relaxes. It can lure you in to a world of listening pleasure. A velvety voice voiceover does this, too. You don't have to be in a late night lounge to get your fix of the velvety voice.

When can you use an Velvety voice Voice-over?

You may want to use the velvety voice in a podcast voiceover or an animated film. It's a great choice for an audiobook narration, a specific charcter, or maybe even a documentary voiceover. Audiences love and respond well to the velvety voice. Be careful, though, that the voice itself doesn't overtake your material.

What makes the perfect Velvety voice?

The velvety voice is smooth. It's on the deeper side whether it's male or female. And if the star-filled night sky had a voice, it would be velvety. Usually the speaker speaks slowly, letting each word have it's moment in the spotlight. It's a bit seductive and can defintielty entice its listeners to a place they don't wnat to leave.

Other info for Velvety voice Voice-overs

You have to think of Beyonce when you think of a velvety voice and old school Luther Vandross. The velvety voice is a winner, it pleases, and choose it well, your audeince will love it.