Voice Of God Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Voice Of God voice for your voice over project.

In the unlikely moment when God decides to intervene in the story, be prepared for an anonymous, disembodied voice of authority to come booming at you from the sky. Whenever and however it arrives, the Voice of God will always be dramatic and will always move the story in a specific direction and there will be no doubt as to Who has just intervened.

Info for Voice Of God voice Voice-overs

Whether it is kind, compassionate, loving God or angry , vengeful destructive God, the voice will be tailored to whichever vision of God the storyteller is wanting to use in their piece. It will always be significant and powerful though and leave a definite mark on any story and the characters who interact with it.

When can you use an Voice Of God voice Voice-over?

The voice of God is always one that will create some kind of response in the audience, whether they believe in God or not. Because religion is such a polarising topic, people already have some view of God and the presence of God or God's voice will meet each audience member where they are at and either confirm or challenge their preconceived idea.

What makes the perfect Voice Of God voice?

The most pronounced characteristic of the Voice of God is that it comes with authority. Regardless of the character that God has been viewed with in this story, there will be a sense of boldness and togetherness. God is in charge and the Voice of God will back that up by being direct, strong and penetrating right through everyone's defences.