Wacky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Wacky voice for your voice over project.

There are those voices that just get you excited. You can laugh to a wacky voice and not even know why you are laughing. Yet the whole time, you're tripping over yourself laughing uncontrollably. You know what the best part is? Sometimes there is no joke. It's the wacky voice, and its brings a thrilling performance that you can't get over.

Info for Wacky voice Voice-overs

The wacky voice often sounds so silly and cartoonish that it automatically cracks the audience up, even when the situation is serious. Think of Jim Carrey; how can you not laugh to that voice? This voice is often childish and inappropriate, foregoing common sense and delivering the script with a degree of fun and obliviousness.

When can you use an Wacky voice Voice-over?

If it's meant to be funny, then the wacky voice will deliver. This voice works perfectly in animated movies, snappy commercials, children's video games, and comedy shows. You know what makes this voice special? It always brings out the child in you and takes you back to the days when fun was all you had to do all day.

What makes the perfect Wacky voice?

The wacky voice is usually portrayed by a character who is considered to be a dim-wit. It highlights stupidity, but in a way that the audience finds funny. Wacky voices can sometimes be used to pass a message to the audience, but their most common use is to make the audience crack up.

Other info for Wacky voice Voice-overs

You can use the wacky voice with an accompanying set of jokes, in normal dialogue, or even on its own. It may sound childish but it is loved and accepted by people across all age groups.