Warm Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Warm voice for your voice over project.

You know how a voice can envelop you in comfort and make you know that everything is going to be alright? That's a warm voice, and we all love it. It's like a big hug for our soul.

Info for Warm voice Voice-overs

A warm voice is comforting, it's geunine, and it's gentle music to our ears. It's the voice of a mom after a hard day complete with a plate of oven warm cookies. If your teddy bear could speak, yes, the voice would be warm.

When can you use an Warm voice Voice-over?

A warm voice is perfect for reassurance. This means people who may be struggling with something or need comfort will respond well to a warm voice in an audio piece. It can deliver any information in a postivie light. Often interviewers have a warm voice, especially when speaking with people about difficult or traumatic topics. This translates well to podcasts and uplifting audio along with warm characters in audiobooks or voiceover films.

What makes the perfect Warm voice?

The warm voice is smooth and comforting. It's reassuring and never judgy. Think Tabitha Brown and her quiet, but powerful, warm voice inspiring and uplifting all of us. We listen to her, we trust her. Her slow deliberate speech, speckled with thoughtful pauses helps us trust her and believe her. The relaxed tone of the voice becomes empathetic and takes the stress away from the listener. This voice is probably on the lower and softer side and does all it can to let the listener know the speaker is on their side.